MIPS Android Jelly Bean 4.3.1 Release Notes

Known Issues – from package: aadb 2 acceleration 2 admin 1 app 6 core.tests.libcore.package.libcore 6 core.tests.libcore.package.org 1 graphics 1 hardware 9 location 2 media 28 mediastress 2 net 8 os 2 provider 3 security 3 uiautomator 3 Changes: all changes Known Issues from package: android.aadb 2 tests com.android.cts.aadb.TestDeviceFuncTest#testGetScreenshot com.android.cts.aadb.TestDeviceStressTest#testPushFolderWithManyFiles from package: android.acceleration 2 tests android.acceleration.cts.HardwareAccelerationTest#testIsHardwareAccelerated … Read more

White Papers-old

Products Architectures   MIPS OmniShield – An Overview & Requirements (248.90 KB)   Hardware-assisted Virtualization with the MIPS® Virtualization Module (202 KB)   Using Virtualization to Implement a Scalable Trusted Execution Environment in Secure SoCs (514 KB)   ARM to MIPS® Architecture Migration Guide (702 KB)   PowerPC to MIPS® Migration Guide (738 KB) Applications Android   Preparing for Google TV … Read more

MIPS Linux

Linux on MIPS provides a complete Linux system for MIPS based processors, with support included in the Linux kernel and distributions including Debian, OpenWRT, Buildroot, Yocto and GENTOO. MIPS supports the development of Linux on MIPS through our in-house Linux kernel, toolchain and distribution teams, by support to the MIPS processor based open source community. MIPS Linux Kernels The … Read more

Mentor Graphics

Mentor Embedded – Most electronic products today are a synthesis of hardware design and embedded software, and the embedded software is the main  differentiator for product functionality and performance. As a result, embedded  software has increased dramatically in electronic systems design. Mentor  Graphics is the only EDA company to offer vendor-independent embedded and open  source … Read more


Rightware is the leading provider of user interface creation software and benchmarking software for the embedded industry. Rightware is headquartered in Espoo, Finland and has offices in California, UK, Shanghai, Taipei and Munich. Kanzi® UI Solution Kanzi is industrial grade UI creation solution with applications for smartphone, tablet, smartTV and automotive industries. Kanzi supports numerous … Read more