An open source approach to securing The Internet of Things

At the IoT Evolution 2016 conference in Las Vegas, a group of industry experts gathered to discuss security for the Internet of Things, with a focus on embedded devices. Moderated by Art Swift, President of the prpl Foundation, the group also included: Phil Attfield, Co-Founder and CEO of Sequitur Labs Lubna Dajani, Chief Strategy Officer … Read more

Small footprint open source hypervisor makes highly efficient use of hardware virtualization technology in Imagination’s MIPS CPUs

London, UK – 9 June, 2016 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) and Kernkonzept announce that the latest release of the open source L4Re hypervisor now supports Imagination’s OmniShield™ ready MIPS CPUs. The small footprint L4Re hypervisor, maintained by Kernkonzept, can take advantage of the hardware virtualization technology in MIPS CPUs for more efficient context switching and … Read more

Open source and virtualization provide a powerful combination for wireless routers

Back in March 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – a government agency tasked with regulating interstate communications in the United States – issued a security document that included a series of provisions related to the use of wireless devices that operate in the U-NII radio bands. In essence, the FCC wanted the manufacturers of … Read more