Creating next-generation chips from the ground-up for wearables and IoT

There has been a lot of momentum lately around Imagination’s initiatives and technologies focused on creating a new generation of chips built specifically for IoT and wearable use cases. We thought we’d take a moment to fill you in. The problem Today, low-end IoT devices and wearables typically use multiple general purpose chips to achieve … Read more

mips android set top box-2

The world’s first Android 4.0 set top box certified with Google Mobile Services – it’s MIPS!

At the recent 2013 International CES, Broadcom and Samsung announced the world’s first Android 4.0 set top box with Google Mobile Services (GMS). This first-of-its-kind device is based on—you guessed it, MIPS! While dozens of Android set-top boxes already exist in the market, Samsung’s SMT-E5015 Smart TV box is the first to pass the stringent … Read more


MIPS delivers keynote at Android Day 2012

On the heels of Google’s inclusion of the MIPS architecture in Release 8 of the Android NDK, MIPS presented a keynote speech at the Android Day 2012 – Link All Together event, held on May 2nd and 3rd in Taipei. Perfect timing! Several hundred people gathered at the conference to discuss current Android trends and … Read more

Convergence with a caveat: will the TV, tablet, smartphone and computer converge into one master device?

The evolution of the iPhone and Android smartphones have allowed consumers to be entertained, to easily access information on-the-go and to communicate with anyone from anywhere. Need directions to the nearest gas station? Look it up on Google Maps. Need restaurant recommendations? Launch your Yelp app. Need to waste 10 minutes while waiting for someone? … Read more