Creator Ci40 + Infineon Optiga TPM

Creator Ci40 now part of the Infineon Security Partner Network

Security is a critical part of any professional IoT solution. Waiting until the end of the design cycle to starting thinking about how to implement your security solution will only lead to unplanned attack surfaces. The Creator Ci40 and Ci40 IoT-in-a-box kit is now part of the Infineon Security Partner Network (ISPN) (see more below), enables developers to investigate which IoT security solution is appropriate for their design.

Launched in 2015, the ISPN is a unique platform of security experts who address a broader IoT ecosystem with hardware-based security solutions that can easily be implemented. With their expertise in specific applications and markets, the partners cover the value chain from design consultation to systems integration and service management. All ISPN partners and their security use cases are available at

To help accelerate IoT security designs, the Creator team have developed several software options that make it easier to take advantage of the security features built into the board. The Creator Ci40 MIPS-based platform uses the Infineon Optiga™ TPM device for key and certificate storage. Developers can utilise the TPM device in the loop when implementing security solutions such as secret handling, remote attestation and many other security solutions.

Creator Ci40 + Infineon Optiga TPM

The Creator Ci40 IoT-in-a-box kit offers a development platform for IoT professionals and makers alike that stretches from constrained devices at the edge of the network up into the cloud. We call this platform the Creator IoT Framework and it consists of a free open-source implementation of LWM2M and IPSO object-based components.

Starting with the constrained devices, the kit contains two 6LoWPAN clicker boards from Mikroelectronika that uses Microchips’ MIPS-based PIC32 MCU running the open-source RTOS Contiki with a COAP + LWM2M network stack. The 6LoWPAN clickers enable hundreds of different sensors and actuators to be added via the MikroBus from MikroElecktronica.

The control and data information then pass from the constrained device to the Ci40 IoT hub, a dual-core dual threaded MIPS interAtpv core running OpenWRT Linux at 550MHz, which bridges the system into the cloud.

The open-source Creator IoT framework enables developers who need to be able to control, monitor and manage devices 24/7 to address the four key requirements of building a professional IoT solution.

These are to:

1) To scale cost effectively

2) To operate a secure and robust platform

3) Have a framework that is able to interoperate with devices old and new, of different types, and from a range of different sources

4) Be open-source, avoiding proprietary lock-ins and making it easy to find help should it be required.

Specific examples of the TPM running with both the Universal Boot Loader (U-Boot) and the Linux platform on the Creator Ci40 platform are available on GitHub now:

Kits are available now from RS and Mouser and to keep up to date with the latest developments follow the Creator team on LinkedIn.

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