Fedora is coming to Creator Ci20

Michal Toman is a Fedora contributor. After having worked on ABRT (Automatic Bug Reporting Tool) as well as PowerPC and IBM ESA/390 ports of the operating system, he is now bringing Fedora MIPS back to life.

During the last months we have been working on a MIPS port of the Fedora operating system. We have picked Fedora 22 as the starting point, using it as a playground for experimentation and a base for further development, while aiming for Fedora 23 to be the first fully fledged version that runs on MIPS-based machines.

We have first started with the 64-bit little endian user space, which can already be tested in QEMU or on any MIPS64 Release 2 board; once that work was completed, we also developed the 32-bit little endian user space to be used with MIPS32 Release 2 boards, including the Creator Ci20 microcomputer.

Cavium OCTEON III Evaluation Board MIPS MIPS64Fedora was ported to MIPS using a 64-bit Cavium OCTEON III development board

Today we are announcing that a first Fedora image for Creator Ci20 is available for testing.

Fedora - Creator CI20

It does not provide the full Fedora experience; no graphical interface is available and only about 7% of all Fedora packages are built so far. It is a so-called Stage 3 image that boots into headless mode, allowing users to login using SSH or serial console and to use DNF for installing and updating packages.

The next step is going to be building the whole distribution using Mock, the tool employed for compiling Fedora packages within the build system.

The current image contains all the elements necessary to run Mock smoothly. Since several packages require minor tweaks to be built properly on MIPS, we are also going to start merging these changes upstream in the near future. This will lead us to the final step: deploying the full Koji-Shadow buildsystem used for all other secondary architectures in Fedora.

In case you are interested in Fedora MIPS, have some questions, or would like to join the effort, you can follow the Fedora MIPS mailing list or join the #fedora-mips IRC channel on Freenode.

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