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First unveiled by John Hennessy at Standford in the 1980s, last year the MIPS CPU architecture celebrated 30 years since its first introduction. ‘Clean’ and ‘elegant’ are words that are often used to describe the Reduced Instruction Set architecture of the MIPS processor and this makes it a great starting place for anyone that wants to make a start learning about the nitty-gritty of microprocessor design.

The Imagination University Programme (IUP) is aimed at educators. It’s designed to enable teachers to help students to learn more about how to programme using the MIPS architecture. The low power requirements of the MIPS CPU makes it a great fit for professional IoT projects and learning about it at the start of their careers will set students up well for working in the burgeoning IoT market.

Robert Owen, who has been managing the IUP for several years, will be presenting a first webinar that will provide insight into the programme.

The webinar will It will discuss three areas:

  • The teaching of graphics from a mobile perspective
  • The use of a MIPS core on an FPGA platform to illustrate a computer architecture and organisation in a unique way and how a processor can become the heart of a System-on-Chip (SoC).
  • The best way to introduce microcontrollers (MCUs) to new undergraduates and lead them into the connected world of Internet-of-Things

Digilent Wi-FIRE

MIPSfpga block diagramThe IUP teaching programme prides itself on working with low-cost hardware, an SDK that’s free for academic use, excellent teaching materials aimed at academics rather than marketing material, and a responsive and useful forum for support.

The hardware used in the programme comes from many partners including a Microchip MIPS PIC32-based MCUs and Digilent, a provider of PIC32 ChipKit and Xilinx FPGA platforms.

If you’re an academic looking to give your students a quality programme to get into this webinar will be worth your time.

The webinar will take place on will take place on Thursday 4th May 2017 at 08:00 PST /16:00 UK/ 17:00 Germany and will last for 30 minutes.

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