New MIPS-based chips from Realtek target Wi-Fi access points, routers and passive optical networking

Based in Taiwan, Realtek Semiconductor is one of the world’s leading networking and multimedia IC providers, designing multiple high-performance networking chipsets that incorporate MIPS CPUs.


This includes the new RTL8197F SoC for mainstream Wi-Fi access points and routers. MIPS processors are used widely across networking and communications products, providing an ideal combination of performance, power consumption, and silicon area, together with the tools and ecosystems needed for product development.

The new RTL8197F SoC integrates a high-performance MIPS CPU clocked at 1GHz, along with 802.11n 2×2 Wi-Fi and a rich set of peripherals. Wireless device manufacturers can combine it with Realtek’s RTL8812BR 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip to create a complete AC1200 router/repeater solution that offers low power consumption, impressive computing capabilities, extended transmission range, and advanced MU-MIMO functionality.


This new SoC joins an expanding family of MIPS-based networking solutions from Realtek, including the popular RTL8198C SoC, a dual core MIPS-based 1GHz processor that can be used in enterprise networking applications, high-end 4×4 802.11ac routers and Gigabit switches. Realtek is also offering new MIPS-based chipsets in its switch controller and broadband passive optical networking (PON) product lines.

Imagination offers a wide range of 32- and 64-bit MIPS CPUs for networking and communications applications. MIPS CPUs are well known to be the CPUs of choice in broadband routers, Wi-Fi access points, and related products.

We are delighted that Realtek, a long-time Imagination partner and leader in communications network SoCs, is continuing to grow its range of MIPS-based chipsets to address the need for faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in the consumer and enterprise space.

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