Official Android SDK: now with full MIPS support

Beginning with Release 21 of the Android™ Software Development Kit (SDK), full MIPS CPU support is now included in Google’s standard SDK Tools and Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin for Eclipse. ARM, MIPS, and x86 devices are now equally supported. All Android developers will get tools with MIPS support, both from explicit downloads from and from automatic upgrades. Developers no longer need to download a separate, customized MIPS-extended SDK from or use MIPS’s former install methods.

Unified Support for the Three Major Processor Architectures for Android

It is now easy for Android developers to build, test, and debug Java or native applications for ARM, MIPS, and x86-based Android devices, all from the same single SDK installation. It is now easy for MIPS Android developers to stay current with Google’s ongoing enhancements to the SDK, NDK, and other Android development tools via automatic updates.

For a Java application, a single source, a single build, and single Dalvik executable automatically cover all Android CPU architectures. Additional testing of Java applications on MIPS-based devices or MIPS emulator is generally unneeded, but is now easy.

For native C/C++ applications that avoid inline assembler, a single version of the source code similarly covers Android’s three major CPU architectures. The developer selects (by clicking the appropriate tick boxes) which architectures to include in the builds and final executables. We encourage all native Android developers to build and test for MIPS-based devices.

Click here for information on how to install and get started using the Android SDK Release 21.

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