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automotive hardware security webinar98 seconds. Just 98 seconds. That’s all the time it took recently for an internet-connected security webcam to be attacked by malware once it was plugged in. This is a clear illustration that anything that connected to the internet is almost certain to face a malware attack sooner rather than later. Such is the nature of the internet of things.

While that is a security issue for a webcam, it is a major safety issue for a car. Modern cars are designed as inherently connected devices – and while they may weigh a ton or so each, they are still just another Thing inside the IoT, ripe for attack by hackers. Once access is gained through compromised software or by plugging in unsecure devices, it will be possible for hackers to activate systems or even deactivate brakes. It’s going to be a major problem in the future, as publically announced by the FBI.

This is why it makes a lot of sense to build those cars on platforms that are inherently secure from the ground up. Imagination’s support for hardware virtualization and its OmniShield-ready MIPS and PowerVR IP means that car and semiconductor manufacturers using the technology can be confident that they are providing a robust and secure platform to customers. This is essential for an automotive industry that is looking to offer innovative connected services to consumers and gain their confidence and acceptance as they move to deploying autonomous vehicles.

To find out more about these issues and the importance of hardware security do sign up to this upcoming webinar, where Bryce Johnstone, director of automotive segment marketing and third party relations, will explain:

  • What is changing in the makeup of the car that enables greater access for hackers
  • What kind of attacks are prevalent
  • How hardware virtualization helps containerise issues
  • The role of the secure hypervisor
  • What lower level elements such as secure boot, crypto cell etc. complete a trusted element.

You can register for the webinar, and if you can’t make it live it will still be available for viewing online on-demand.


Title: Hardware Security for the Car with OmniShield

Date: Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Time: 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Duration: 30 minutes

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