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IoT is one of those buzz words that is currently making steady progress along the ‘hype cycle’. Where exactly it is, be it on the upward curve of the ‘innovation trigger’ or at the top of the ‘peak of inflated expectations’ is arguable. What’s clear though is that it’s a long way from maturity as a concept but also that forward-looking companies can’t afford to ignore it if they want to do well in the next few years.

Much of the post-CES reaction focussed on how IoT was threatening to become a technology looking for a use, rather than actually fulfilling a need with the internet connected hairbrush gaining a good few facepalms in the tech press.Ensigma webinar

However, there are many areas where we think connectivity is going to add real value and industrial IoT is one of them, where the application of rapidly obtained real-time data is set to have a real impact on improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. It’s a market some estimate will be worth 151.01 Billion USD by 2020.

Whatever the field (excuse the pun), any business looking at developing IoT has to have a clear understanding of the connectivity options.

Imagination’s Ensigma wireless communications IP is ideal for any company looking to develop products in the IoT space. It’s a two-tiered product. Explorer, also known as a radio processing unit (RPU) or software defined radio (SDR) is a powerful, full programmable solution, that can be adapted to meet various needs. It is, however, the Ensigma Whisper processor that will meet the high-performance, low-power needs of IoT developers.

On our blog we have previously covered the processing requirements for IoT devices, and how to optimizing Whisper for Wi-Fi power consumption and also provided detail on how it supports other wireless standards such as Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN and Zigbee, among others.

These are good reads but to get a great overview and understanding of the requirements for IoT connectivity in one place, then you should register for the upcoming webinar, ‘Embedding low power communications into IoT devices’.

Richard EdgarThe webinar is led by Richard Edgar, the director of communications technology at Imagination Technologies. Edgar is a pioneering technologist in the wireless industry and is responsible for developing the strategy and roadmap for the company’s Ensigma communications IP portfolio.

In the webinar you’ll:

  • Learn about the various wireless communications options and their strengths and weakness
  • Understand what options are available for the integration of wireless and how to decide which are the best options for you
  • Understand how design to minimise the impact on the battery in a device

The webinar will be streamed on:

19 Jan 2017 at 19:00hrs – 19:30hrs (GMT), duration: 30 mins

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