MIPS_dish networks

We love chips, but it's fun to see the end products!

While we love chips, it is always exciting and fun to attend International CES and see how engineers and the development community implement MIPS‘ processor core technology into amazing consumer products. As is the case every year, usage of MIPS-Based processors was found throughout the show – in DTVs, set-top boxes (STBs), Blu-ray players, digital still cameras and video cameras, routers, gateways, modems, smartphones, tablets, e-readers and many other products.
MIPS_dish networks
Dish Networks
DISH’s Hopper and Joey Set-Top Boxes were among the highest profile products at the show – and were promoted across the show floor in numerous fun displays. Sling Media and Broadcom also drew crowds for Sling’s new software development kit (SDK) being integrated into Broadcom’s STB platforms.
MIPS licensee Entropic Communications displayed a great diversity of MIPS-Based products in one booth – more than 40 different devices from more than 25 manufacturers, including Motorola, NETGEAR, Pace, Cisco, Wi3, Samsung, DIRECTV, Actiontec, Technetix, Humax, EchoStar, Channel Master, D-Link, Changhong, Zinwell and ZTE!
In the MIPS suite, dozens of MIPS-Based mobile and portable devices were on display including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, PMPs and digital cameras.
Several software solutions were demonstrated on MIPS-Based DTVs, over-the-top media players and set-top boxes, including products from Vizio, Western Digital and Sony. We also showed numerous networking devices including routers, USB dongles and femtocells.
To sum up, many top consumer brands use MIPS. Many were on display at CES (in addition to those already mentioned) including those from LG, Vivitar, DUNE HD, Haier, Toshiba, Nikon, Casio, TiVo, D-Link, Buffalo, Kodak, Belkin, Verizon, Coby.
If it’s a digital home product, a home networking product, or increasingly a mobile product, it’s quite likely that it’s MIPS!

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