Performance Simulator (PSIM) Engineer

United States of America

Seeking an experienced CPU Performance modeling and analysis engineer to work with CPU architects, micro-architects and RTL designers in delivering high performance CPU cores and sub-systems.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree with 4+ years of experience in CPU performance analysis
  • Deep understanding of CPU Architecture. Understanding of in-order / out-of-order pipelines
  • Understanding and experience with cycle accurate simulator
  • Strong coding (C, C++) and scripting (Python/Perl) skills
  • Good understanding of industry standard benchmarks like SPEC (06, 17), Coremark, CoreMark-Pro

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge/experience with RISC-V, ARM, and/or MIPS architectures
  • Prior experience with QEMU, GEM5 is a plus

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Drive the micro-architecture and design of a critical CPU block or multiple blocks
  • Performance exploration. Explore high performance strategies working with the CPU modeling team.
  • Microarchitecture development and specification. From early high-level architectural exploration, through micro architectural research and arriving at detailed specification.
  • RTL ownership. Configurable Design Features Development, assessment, and refinement of RTL design to target power, performance, area, and timing goals.
  • Functional verification support. Help the design verification team execute the functional verification strategy.
  • Performance verification support. Help verify that the RTL design meets the performance goals.
  • Design delivery. Work with multi-functional engineering team to implement and validate physical design on the aspects of timing, area, reliability, testability, and power.