Dalvik Turbo

Dalvik Turbo

What is Dalvik Turbo

Dalvik Turbo is a dynamic adaptive compiler technology for Android developed by The Myriad Group. Dalvik Turbo provides a seamless replacement for the standard Dalvik Virtual Machine, the engine powering Android applications.

Dalvik Turbo increases the execution speed of applications developed using the Java programming language by up to five times. This is achieved through compiler bytecodes that implement advanced MIPS optimisation techniques inherited from Myriad’s Java virtual machine expertise.

Dalvik Turbo provides developers the tools to take full advantage of Android by enabling them to implement advanced graphics and complex models into their games while retaining full compatibility with existing software. Dalvik Turbo is 100% compatible with Android bytecodes and therefore language independent.

Getting Dalvik Turbo

Dalvik Turbo is available to MIPS customers on a royalty-free basis.

Click the link below for the package you wish to download:

Dalvik Turbo Compatibility

The following table indicates which version of Dalvik Turbo for MIPS is compatible with what versions of Android. The latest version of Dalvik Turbo is backward compatible with earlier versions however, we always recommend you use the latest tag of Android and the latest release of Dalvik Turbo. For example, if you are developing with Froyo you should be using GIT tag “mips-froyo-r8” and Dalvik Turbo “203955”.


Android Code Name MIPS GIT Tag Dalvik Turbo Build Number
Froyo mips-froyo-r6 201692
Froyo mips-froyo-r8 203955
Froyo mips-froyo-r9 205583
Gingerbread mips-gingerbread-r2 201692
Gingerbread mips-gb-2.3.5_r1m2 204293
Ice Cream Sandwich (mips-ics-4.0.3_r1m1) 208877
Ice Cream Sandwich (mips-ics-4.0.3_r1m1) 209604
Ice Cream Sandwich (mips-ics-4.0.3_r1m3) 211361
Ice Cream Sandwich (mips-ics-4.0.4) 213009 (not backward compatible)
Ice Cream Sandwich (mips-ics-4.0.4) 218224 (not backward compatible)
Ice Cream Sandwich (mips-ics-4.0.4) 221472 (not backward compatible)
Jelly Bean (mips-jb-4.1.1_r1) 216417 (not backward compatible)
Jelly Bean (mips-jb-4.1.1_r1) 218329 (not backward compatible)
Jelly Bean (mips-jb-4.2.1_r1) 220884 (backward compatible)
Jelly Bean (mips-jb-4.2.2_r1.m2) 226882
Jelly Bean (mips-jb-4.3.1_r1.1.m3) 226909