MIPS Debug and Trace Probes

To facilitate debugging and performance analysis on MIPS cores, MIPS offers a range of EJTAG probes to suit development requirements. The high-end SP55E SysProbe enables high-speed debug and low-level interface with all MIPS cores. For a more lightweight and cost-focused option connecting to our smaller cores, a BusBlaster probe is available.

MIPS SysProbe Summary


Supporting all MIPS cores, the SP55E SysProbe provides a full debugging feature set including software and hardware breakpoints, hardware triggers, reset control, power monitoring, code profiling and much more. These features provide the requisite tools to meet the needs of today’s cutting edge development teams for first silicon bring-up, hardware and software development, debug and verification activities.

It supports the latest MIPS On-Chip Instrumentation (OCI) debug architecture and offers simultaneous debug of heterogeneous designs within a single SoC. To simplify software setup, the SysProbe can auto-detect which cores are present within the SoC and the debug bus topology.

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Codescape SysProbe SP55ET is the second device in the SysProbe family. It has all the features of the SysProbe SP55E and adds support for off-chip iFlowTrace capture and target current monitoring.

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Sysprobe SP58ET provides high-speed debug functions via MICTOR or Nexus connectors as well as Current Monitoring and trace functions. Fast on-board SSD storage make this the probe for use with very demanding trace requirements.

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Bus Blaster

Bus Blaster for MIPS is an economical debug adapter designed for supporting JTAG debug with M-class MIPS processors. See details on Bus Blaster page.

Software Tools

The Codescape Console software can be used for command line very low-level SoC and core bring-up, fault analysis and debug via the SP55E probe. In addition, the probe can be used with Codescape Debugger, Imagination’s bespoke GUI debug environment for heterogeneous SoC development. Codescape Debugger offers powerful regions, including: source code, disassembly, stack frame, local and global variables, CPU registers, memory, breakpoints, hardware triggers, trace and performance analysis. Tested firmware, tools and an update utility are provided in Codescape MIPS SDK Professional.

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Third party probes are also available from multiple vendors.