3rd Party Support

3rd Party Support

MIPS works with an ever-growing range of partners to bring the best possible choice of tools to meet all developers’ needs. A full list of all our ecosystem partners is available here.

mentor graphicsMentor Graphics, in partnership with MIPS, provides Sourcery CodeBench integrated development environment for the MIPS architecture.

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The GreenHills MULTI IDE tools support a broad range of MIPS processor and architectures, including: the M- and I-class cores, R3 and R5 architectures, DSP and Virtualization.


Imperas enables higher quality software through the use of automated, powerful tooling and high-performance simulation. Imperas produce higher speed instruction-accurate simulators and OVP™ platform emulation environments which are also used as the basis for the IASim® product. The high quality instruction accurate processor models created in collaboration by Imperas and MIPS are fully supported across the Imperas product range.

LauterbachLauterbach manufacturer MIPS compatible modular and upgradeable microprocessor development tools including probes.


Ashling provide embedded system development tools and engineering services with a portfolio including JTAG debug probes, emulators, source debuggers and software QA tools.


Design and retail low cost EJTAG BusBlaster probes via Seeed Studio distribution.