Bus Blaster Low Cost Debug Adapter for MIPS Cores

Bus Blaster V3c for MIPS is an inexpensive, yet flexible debug adapter (probe) designed for supporting JTAG debug with M-class and I-class MIPS processors, as well as earlier cores, such as M4K, M14K, microAptiv UC/UP, PIC32, 24K, and others. The Bus Blaster has a 14-pin target connector and interface cable with buffering logic suitable for MIPS (E)JTAG targets.

MIPS software development and debug tools that can be used with the Bus Blaster, include the Codescape Debugger, Codescape for Eclipse IDE, Codescape Console, and Codescape GNU Tools.

You have a number of debug interface options allowing use of the Bus Blaster with the ideal development environment for your project. Whether you are a beginner or experienced MIPS software developer, the Bus Blaster and MIPS development software can help you get your project completed faster and easier. And now there are no prohibitive costs for development tools holding you back.


  • Designed for MIPS (E)JTAG targets with 14-pin debug connector
  • Includes Bus Blaster acrylic top and bottom panels assembled, USB 2.0 cable, JTAG cable, and adapter and leads for 14-pin to 12-pin and 6-pin connectors for use with Digilent Nexys 4 DDR and Wi-Fire and other similar target boards
  • Based on FT2232H chip with high-speed USB 2.0
  • Buffered interface works with 1.8 volt to 3.3 volt targets
  • Reprogrammable buffer is compatible with multiple debugger types
  • Compatible with ‘jtagkey’, ‘KT-link’ programmer settings in OpenOCD, urJTAG, and more
  • Ships with JTAGkey compatible buffer image pre-programmed
  • Mini-CPLD development board: self-programmable, extra CPLD pins to header
  • Open source (CC-BY-SA)
  • Software provided by MIPS is not feature-limited, time-limited, or program-size limited
  • Works with Codescape Essentials GNU Tools, Codescape Debugger, Codescape for Eclipse IDE, Codescape Console, and Open OCD / GDB for unmatched flexibility with free software licensing and no extra costs

Software Tools Overview

Codescape Debugger Interface
Codescape Console Interface

The MIPS Codescape Debugger offers multi-core, multi-threading and many other features for debugging software running on MIPS SoCs. It is a multi-window environment with easy to use features such as drag and drop between views, built-in make manager, editable memory, real-time RTOS aware debugging and much more. Codescape Debugger offers many ways to customize its regions and views for your particular application.

The Codescape Console is a low-level Python script-based command-line interface. You can take advantage of the built-in command system with context help and command completion to access and control all target features, or you can build custom Python scripts for extensive automated testing and design verification (DV).

Codescape for Eclipse provides a complete integrated development environment with a rich third-party plugin eco-system. The Codescape GNU Tool is the fundamental tool chain of GCC components, libraries and utilities for compiling and building programs. The Codescape GNU Tools, Codescape Debugger and Codescape for Eclipse tools are all available as free downloads from the MIPS web site.

Codescape for Eclipse

Codscape Debugger and Eclipse IDE for the Bus Blaster Probe

Where to find the software

Codescape MIPS GNU Tools:

Codescape Debugger:

Codescape for Eclipse:

Hardware Support Packages:

Python v2.7:


For users who prefer OpenOCD, the OpenOCD and GDB console can be used to control the Bus Blaster attached to a MIPS target. OpenOCD is an open source debugging daemon that can be attached to various interfaces, such as Telnet or GDB for a command line interface.

Getting started guide:

OpenOCD installer:
The OpenOCD installer provides OpenOCD and OpenOCD USB Drivers

  Please Register or login to download MIPS OpenOCD installer win32 (.exe).
  Please Register or login to download MIPS OpenOCD 0.9.2 installer win32 (.exe).

Source code:
The source used to build OpenOCD. Details on building OpenOCD is available on OpenOCD website: http://openocd.org/

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  Please Register or login to download MIPS OpenOCD 0.9.2 source (.zip).

How and Where to Purchase Bus Blaster

Bus Blaster v3c for MIPS kit is available for purchase from the SEEED Studio website and their large network of distributors including Digi-Key and Mouser Electronics. Contact SEEED Studio and see the Bus Blaster for MIPS product.

Codescape and Bus Blaster Support

Support is provided for the Bus Blaster for MIPS and free Codescape Tools through MIPS Insider Bus Blaster & Codescape Tools support forum.