Android Lollipop MR1 – 5.1.1 Release Notes

The MIPS release mips-lp-5.1.1_r6.m2 is based of the Google’s release tag android-5.1.1_r6.
It can be downloaded with the following commands:

$ repo init -u -b dev-mips-lollipop-mr1 -m mips-lp-5.1.1_r6.m2.xml

$ repo sync

Summary of changes introduced for the MIPS release mips-lp-5.1.1_r6.m2 are below.


project art/

a92827a ART: Add Mips o32 callee-save registers to SaveAll frame

33ae05c MAP_FIXED does not seem to be an apt solution to use.

7e6d856 If we want mmap to map at the address we provide, use the flag MAP_FIXED.

a5fe855 Fix the typo in the stub to call artGet64InstanceFromCode.

8a198f5 Fix art tests 116-119 for Mips

2695c5a Fix 099-vmdebug and 802-deoptimization art tests for Mips.

761d83b [MIPS] Fix 800-smali test for Mips.

e552bdf [MIPS] Fix bug reported by Ingenic.

8851bb7 [MIPS] Fix mips32 trampoline problem.

fc49239 Add JNI trampoline for mips32.

ef10eff ART: Check for no gaps only when we will have an immune region

7c50df9 Fix refs_and_args callee save order for Mips32.

5c6c662 [MIPS] Fix the code generated by GenSelectConst32


project bionic/

a3e15a0 Fix timer flaky test in lollipop-mr1-cts-dev.

8db7753 Fix flaky test of timer_create_multiple in L.

5333918 Merge “[MC] MagicCode support for Lollipop MR1” into dev-mips-lollipop-mr1

897908c Make stack_protector_DeathTest work for gcc4.9

e3faa4d [MC] MagicCode support for Lollipop MR1

d122bd1 Add support for DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP2 tag.

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project build/

4415c28 Configure synci generation explicitly


project cts/

3cf555a Increase native test (gtest) timeout

210d560 Refactoring the ThemeHostTest to reduce timeout.

a8eaaa2 Fix android.animation.cts.LayoutAnimationTest#testIsRunning seldom fail

77a75a8 Increase signature test timeout.


project device/generic/goldfish/

31a4d50 Fix inconsistant results for some cts tests.


project external/llvm/

d7369c2 [mips] Fix ll and sc instructions


project external/qemu/

9f155ae [MIPS64] fasttlb : Add check for high segbits

2bcec55 [MIPS64] Fix fast TLB handler to work for MIPS64

08d0d14 [MIPS] Refactor page table walk

59c6b23 [MIPS64] target-mips : implement unaligned loads using TCG

be637bb target-mips: fix MTHC1 and MFHC1 when FPU in FR=0 mode

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project frameworks/av/

d4f27b6 MSA optimizations for avc/enc

4d71f39 MSA optimizations for m4v_h263/dec

231814d MSA optimizations for on2/h264dec


project frameworks/base/

4759225 [MC] Allow APKs containing ARM native libraries to be installed

83950ad Replace hard-coded errno values with OsConstants

5044334 Limit dotProduct value to 1.0f, so acosf would not return NaN.

1e12a65 Fix false reporting of missing boot image due to lack of space.


project frameworks/native/

7bf5220 Fix android::Parcel::readAligned() to handle unaligned data


project frameworks/rs/

f78b8fd Fix broken rsrLocalTime implementation.

304d932 [MIPS32] Use version of rsGetAllocation() that returns a pointer


project libcore/

9d6ecba Add EUSERS to OsConstants.

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project prebuilts/gcc/darwin-x86/mips/mips64el-linux-android-4.9/

f7329a2 Update mips64el-linux-android-4.9 built with pre-release binutils-2.25 (darwin-x86)

655e151 am ba8d2d6a: Update gold to build #2098274.

44b1b7f am c0371efb: Update gold to build #2098274.

ba8d2d6 Update gold to build #2098274.

c0371ef Update gold to build #2098274.

72534d8 am ea6be7d4: Rebuild with r212222 to fix devirtualization bug in GCC4.9 (darwin)

ea6be7d Rebuild with r212222 to fix devirtualization bug in GCC4.9 (darwin)

c5d5557 Rebuild with r212222 to fix devirtualization bug in GCC4.9 (darwin)

c6e7c80 Fix an issue optimizing code with #pragma GCC optimize (“O0”); improves codegen

c29b886 Refresh x86_64-linux-android-4.9 (darwin-x86)

8edfd4e Add x86_64 toolchain x86_64-linux-android-4.9 (darwin-x86)

6963d1f Merge remote-tracking branch ‘goog/stage-aosp-master’ into HEAD

a7c5a1d Initial empty repository


project prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/mips/mips64el-linux-android-4.9/

7de9d86 Update mips64el-linux-android-4.9 built with pre-release binutils-2.25


project prebuilts/misc/

ad89897 Update mips and mips64 gdbserver

48ba93e Update gdbserver64 to r6

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