MIPS Android ICS 4.0.4 Release Notes

Known Issues

  1. No new regressions from release 4
  2. A property should be added to allow Dalvik to run in an LXC environment. This change did not make it to the tag but can be downloadable from the branch mips-ics-mr1.1

Project Bionic

commit c2cb773b01bd1c3585929e6616ce428e6df04c2d

Author: Chris Dearman Date: Mon Mar 12 13:15:30 2012 -0700 [MIPS] pass __dso_handle to __cxa_atexit Change-Id: Iae36fee274d90f0ffe9bf153dbe847ea36cdb3f7

commit f43394dfe599c741ff29215920defb5471b098c8

Author: KwongYuan Wong Date: Tue Mar 27 11:13:13 2012 -0700 [MIPS] Check error status from pipe system call (cherry picked from commit 50e4199e16a5877019570c64232aa203661d2519) Change-Id: I9a4a8a3bbf8f50ed849ce67b7f9b6eb2cd15491c

commit 05bb64f778cf65722f8cb6d450033e05c185ea8b

Author: Chao-ying Fu Date: Tue Apr 17 17:46:30 2012 -0700 Use sh_addr to calculate si->ctors and si->dtors, instead of using sh_offset. Linkers may not guarantee file offsets are the same as virtual addresses. Change-Id: I649484c556a7daa3f7b8d26dda085d8e5db1938d  

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Project Build/

commit 8df25e450c5539d2436064216a64b331fd0ae360

Author: Duane Sand Date: Fri Jul 20 12:32:32 2012 -0700 [MIPS] Reduce mips-r2 etc abi names to just mips, for SDK purposes. Adjust generic_mips/BoardConfig.mk to match pre-JB aosp master branch, including changes from Raghu’s May 7th MIPS generic target support and typo correction from Raghu’s May 31st. The patch addresses the below issues. SDK Manager rejects system image files that say ro.product.cpu.abi=mips-r2 or SystemImage.Abi=mips-r2. Change-Id: I60052d594932eafb187dc0a2c760d3886c64c6e0  

Project cts/

commit 806ac1b593f277a3ff03ad030da2e30ff817fbbf

Author: Miroslav Ignjatovic Date: Wed Jun 20 13:41:30 2012 +0200 (MIPS) NX test should not fail on MIPS hardware. Should be used with NDK r8. Similar to https://android-review.googlesource.com/#/c/23847/ but also added missing JNI calls to MIPS NDK’s isMipsCpu() Change-Id: If3cda409672959d142ae8c347bd3b177cf544f71  

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Project Dalvik/

commit ae839ab186a618571fad16aa67436f49814cd14d

Author: Douglas Leung Date: Thu Aug 9 15:43:41 2012 -0700 Fix a rTEMP bug and remove a redundant ra register save. Change-Id: I6028c5f79384eb250dcd941e874c64cf73b513a5 Note: rTEMP is used by the JAL and JALR macros. Signed-off-by: Douglas Leung

commit a1eab60081027b56e55ca873be981e2828fafb36

Author: Chris Dearman Date: Tue Aug 7 20:34:15 2012 -0700 [MIPS] Preserve rTEMP across profiling call Change-Id: I07e7dcecfd5d7b3da2983e020453bb49be7cfd8d

commit 2eb7f98457b7a39fdb29d00e6a8f997f0f260b33

Author: Raghu Gandham Date: Fri Sep 7 14:57:42 2012 -0700 Revert [DONOTMERGE] Temporary fix to overcome personality syscall on MIPS. This reverts commit fe171e3e882728b9e276c33b917652a97117f11d. Project Development/

commit 80506fd5dbdff1195893e3de761861cdd7463331

Author: Duane Sand Date: Fri Jul 20 13:05:06 2012 -0700 MIPS] Rename mips-r2 abi as mips, for SDK purposes. SDK Manager rejects system image files that say ro.product.cpu.abi=mips-r2 or SystemImage.Abi=mips-r2. Change-Id: Ie60d9ffdc83cd4b3659bc38d30d8f78e37aefd49 Project External/Chromium/

commit 1ec37e3e795335f0c06ce5b7c098bdbf29bfbb0d

Author: Paul Lind Date: Tue Jun 26 17:29:51 2012 -0700 [MIPS] Fix lazy-instance template to preserve object alignment. The alignment attribute of an object was discarded when allocating storage for the lazy-instance. Alignment is important for MIPS, where doubles (and objects containing them) must be aligned on 8-byte boundary. The alignment attributes are included via a macro that is only defined under GCC, so that this change does not affect other build environments. Change-Id: Ic62c1fc9c5a58f0cf0b4b3c75b56154e3d20aed9 Signed-off-by: Paul Lind  

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Project external/elfutils/

commit 43d65a77a78da47614b75c11ad4d6edae18f6275

Author: Andrew Hsieh Date: Wed Apr 18 03:17:08 2012 +0800 Don’t define strnlen in MacOS >= 10.7 Cherry-pick AOSP commit 72940dec691fa3255e13df01f8c53b620e446066 done by Conley Owens In MacOS 10.7, strnlen is already available. Change-Id: Ie9cb275e4ae01590a415f1810c4564f17a9c735a

Project external/qemu/

commit 6965c33a3e749ea922de633ae592f0b56d467abc

Author: Duane Sand Date: Mon Mar 19 12:10:18 2012 -0700 [MIPS] Emulator segfaulted if ram > 496MB. Change-Id: Iaacb4c8658d48d50fb2d8e1dc5fb023194386e26

Project external/skia/

commit 4ec52669c028370713b53c5193ae6fed7daec6ec

Author: Duane Sand Date: Thu Sep 6 12:24:38 2012 -0700 New Tests Change-Id: I7642ff0f9a7b55980f5fb472c1ac4fff129c2d4e

commit e189246c9123cad66021824b6994ab6ce57b79d7

Author: Duane Sand Date: Thu Sep 6 11:53:42 2012 -0700 [MIPS] DSP optimizations Change-Id: Icd47e6ed2582401d69b5902930b82a5352a8f0fc  

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Project ndk/

commit d1843c0b8d818741fa5afaa7c4735b684ca80b3a

Author: Chris Dearman Date: Mon Jul 9 10:23:14 2012 -0700 [MIPS] Added cpu-features support Change-Id: Id34c6034b51fb515d56e95b4d17aa499aac8fc9d

Project system/media/

commit eb626ad0412b7b8775881611b72e50cc05657ff2

Author: Andrew Hsieh Date: Wed Apr 25 16:33:31 2012 +0800 Fixed runtime linkage problems for libOpenSLES and libOpenMAXAL Libraries libOpenSLES and libOpenSLES depends on liblog but Android.mk doesn’t specify it. Native app links libOpenSLES or libOpenSLES may fail with the following error message (taking $NDK/samples/native-media as an example) E/AndroidRuntime( 824): Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Cannot load library: link_image[2260]: 82 could not load needed library libOpenMAXAL.so for -libnative-media-jni.so (mips_relocate_got[1804]: 82 In libOpenMAXAL.so, can’t locate symbol __android_log_assert) It’s unclear why compiler (MIPS/ARM/X86) doesn’t complain w/o liblog. It’s also unclear why ARM and X86-based Android devices don’t have runtime problem. (ie. $NDK/samples/native-media runs) Fix Android.mk to make it explicit. Change-Id: I4a08a660cbffb25802b43253295168411fbbe481  

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