MIPSfpga Fundamentals – Version 1.2

MIPSfpga Fundamentals was updated on 6th October 2015 to Version 1.2

Below is a list of the updates:

  • Changed MIPSfpga clock to 50 MHz and speed grade of Artix-7 to -1
  • Updated figures in Lab 1, including adding a few figures for extra guidance
  • Removed instructions of installing bus blaster drivers (to remove duplication with Getting Started Guide)
  • Some text edits and figure updates throughout all lab instructions
  • Changed all Makefiles to use –O1 instead of –O0
  • Changed Lab 5 (adding 7-segment display functionality) so that the user creates the new hardware instead of simply viewing the hardware given to them
  • Fixed SPI figure to show most significant bit being sent first
  • Added “Summary and Future Steps” section to MIPSfpga_FundamentalsOverview.docx
  • Included OpenOCD/Codescape installer (0.9.3)
  • References to locations of files changed due to folder reorganization

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