MIPSfpga Getting Started Material – Version 1.3

The MIPSfpga Getting Started Material was updated on 7th April 2016.

The changes in Version 1.3 are as follows:

Getting Started Guide Updates:

  • Confirmed that new instructions for Bus Blaster driver installation are in the GSG: the updated instructions have been part of the Getting Started Guide since version 1.1 (released on July 22, 2015)
  • Updated installation instructions to Vivado 15.1 (Appendix B)
  • Updated figures throughout to Vivado 15.1
  • Updated Nexys4 DDR project files to Vivado 15.1 (also compiled, downloaded, and tested)
  • Emphasized plugging in the Bus Blaster probe to the Nexys4 DDR board with components on top. i.e., added this boxed comment:
    • Note: when plugging the Bus Blaster probe into the Nexys4 DDR board, make sure the components are on the top side of the adapter board, as shown in Figure 69
  • Added reference to files for DE0 board in the text
  • Added the CorExtend reference document (MicroAptiv UP CorExtend MD00324.pdf) to the Documents folder. Added the following text to the References section of the GSG:
    • MicroAptiv UP CorExtend MD00324.pdf: Provides information about using the CorExtend feature to add user-defined instructions
  • Updated Figures 3 and 4
  • In Appendix I on porting MIPSfpga to other boards, moved this paragraph to the beginning of the appendix:

For detailed instructions on porting the MIPSfpga system to other FPGA boards, see the MIPSfpga Fundamentals Materials (Lab 9), which is available as part of the MIPSfpga Fundamentals package, available for download here (under the Teaching Materials heading):


An overview of how to port MIPSfpga to other boards is given below.

  • Added the following paragraph in Appendix B:
Note: In recent versions of Xilinx tools, they have included the High-Level Synthesis (HLS) tool for free in the WebPACK and Debug Tools. Thus, the new Activation Based License Vivado Design Suite: HL WebPACK, Node-Locked License can be selected instead of Vivado WebPACK


  • Updated GSG to v.1.3