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版本 1.5

请注意上一个版本为版本 1.2,但是由于其中的一些模块版本数字不一致。为了避免混淆,此最新版本统称为版本1.5。

在这个资源包中,主要的改动在模块13。这个版本用Creator IoT Framework替代了FlowCloud。模块13要求XC32 1.42 and Harmony v1.07 (or later).


・Added Exercises and Solutions.docx for creating homework, quizzes and tests.
・Updated projects to include PIC32MZ_EC and PIC32MZ_EF options.
・Updated configuration_bits.c in several projects to set bits based on MCU type: Lab1_Intro, Lab2_Software_Basics, Lab3_Port_IO, Lab3_PortIO_Solution, and Project4_Solution.
・Revised Lab2_Software_Basics to use LAT (not PORT) for outputs.
・Updated all document versions to v1.5.
・Reworded Module 4 PPTX page 23 on FSM design concepts.

・Updated Acknowledgements.pptx.

・Updated Course Summary.xlsx to reflect changes to Module 13.


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Version 1.2

This version incorporates many of the changes suggested by reviewers. An instructor’s guide has also been added to help get started with the materials. Future version of the materials will likely include changes such as data sheet references in slides and deeper coverage of finite state machines.

The laboratory exercise for Module 13 targets the PIC32MZ EC MCU (Revision B of the ChipKIT WiFIRE board) and Harmony v1.03. A new version which supports the PIC32MZ EF MCU (ChipKIT WiFIRE Revision C) and Harmony v.1.07 is being developed and should be released in Q3 2016.

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