MIPS Debug Probe Connection and Specification v1.4

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MIPS Debug Probe Connection and Specification contains the following:

MIPS Probe specifications
List of MIPS probes
SP55 interface specifications
SP55 probe family Target connector details
EJTAG Target connector - SP55 connector details
SP55E-HD Target Connector Details
SP55ET-HD Target Connector Details
SP55ET trace connection to target
Sysprobe JTAG characteristics
Non-standard JTAG output configuration
Non-standard JTAG input configuration
JTAG signal timing
JTAG DC Characteristics
SP58 Specifications, Connectors and LEDs
SP58 External LEDs
SP58 Connectors
SP58 External Switches and Buttons
Notes for making your own JTAG cable
EMC Compliance
Board and cable impedance matching
3 Using and Configuring MIPS probes
SP55 Overview
SP55 Power requirements
SP55 Connectors
SP55 External LEDs
SP55E Connections
SP55 establishing host-probe connection
Setting a Static IP for SP55 probes
Connecting to an SP55 from Codescape Console
Checking and reflashing SP55 firmware
Checking available firmware
Reflashing the SP55
Connecting to MIPS development boards
Malta + coreFPGA6
SEAD3 Connection
Diagnostics introduction
Diagnostics in Codescape
Listing probe transaction logs

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