“Alexa, Can you help me build a better SoC?”

Webinar by:
Tim Mace & John Bainbridge

Webinar finished streaming:
28 Sep 2017 at 19:30 hrs (GMT), duration: 30 mins

“Alexa, Can you help me build a better SoC?” – Intelligent Interconnect and powerful CPU sub-system for Autonomous Transportation SoCs

The proliferation of autonomous capabilities in today’s cars is pushing the boundaries of scalability in automotive SoCs, leading to the adoption of complex yet reliable heterogeneous systems. Efficient communication between compute elements including CPU clusters, accelerators for vision processing and storage with shared virtual memory in a functionally safe design is a challenge. These complex communication requirements make it almost impossible to build SoCs by hand and thus create a need for automated tools that leverage advanced machine learning to build correct by construction designs that are not prone to human error.

Key Takeaways

* Identify the system level challenges facing autonomous vehicles

* Explore architecture and design strategies for autonomous transportation SoCs

* Examine the complex interaction between the system interconnect and CPU sub-systems

* Learn about functional safety needs (ISO 26262) for these SoCs

* Preview solutions from NetSpeed and Imagination Technologies that addresses these challenges

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