Hardware security for the car with OmniShield

Webinar by:
Bryce Johnstone

Webinar finished streaming:
07 Dec 2016 at 19:30 hrs (GMT), duration: 30 mins

As more and more wireless interfaces are added to the car’s communications capabilities discover how the OmniShield hardware security architecture allows car manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers to provide a robust platform on which to provide innovative services and features while ensuring a high level of trust in their ability not to be hacked. Learn about the issues facing the car industry as we see increasing exploitation of new ‘attack surfaces’.

What will you learn:

  • What is changing in the makeup of the car that enables greater access for hackers
  • What kind of attacks are prevalent
  • How hardware virtualisation helps containerise issues
  • The role of the secure hypervisor
  • What lower level elements such as secure boot, crypto cell etc. complete a trusted element.


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