How Imagination’s University Programme empowers academia!

Webinar by:
Robert Owen

Webinar finished streaming:
04 May 2017 at 16:30 hrs (GMT), duration: 30 mins

Achieving excellence in teaching & research for electronics & computer science.

How does a company whose products exist purely as data files engage in a genuinely useful way with academia? Is “hands-on” a practical possibility?

Imagination’s IP appears in many technology products, but in this form it is hard for students or researchers to experiment with it.

The Imagination University Programme has built special partnerships with hardware experts (silicon, development tools, and FPGA) and software & training providers, to enable teachers and students to use our IP in both student teaching labs, and projects and research.

This webinar is about how to access these partnerships along with materials created by established academics, which harness low-cost practical hardware and free-of-charge or open source software to bring Imagination’s IP to life.

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We will look at three packages:

  • The teaching of Graphics from a mobile perspective.
  • The use of a MIPS soft-core on a FPGA platform to illustrate in a Computer Architecture and Organisation in a unique way, and how a processor core become the heart of a System-on-Chip (SoC) design.
  • The best way to introduce microcontrollers (MCUs) to new under-graduates and lead them into the connected world of Internet-of-Things.

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