Micro-virtualize or die! Securing connected MCUs with OmniShield

Webinar by:
Majid Bemanian

Webinar finished streaming:
23 Mar 2017 at 19:30 hrs (GMT), duration: 30 mins

Today microcontrollers (MCUs) are finding their way into nearly every application – in traditional areas such as industrial machinery and automotive to new areas such as wearables and even ‘smart’ clothing. More and more, MCU designs incorporate some kind of connectivity e.g. Bluetooth Smart, ultra-low power Wi-Fi, NFC and Zigbee. Connected MCUs must control their own states and resources, capture and process sensory data, perform some analytics and maintain secure storage; they must also communicate to a remote host for data transport, platform management, and OTA updates. With embedded applications growing increasingly sophisticated and connected, threats to embedded platforms are increasing significantly. Security must be an up-front design consideration, not an afterthought. We’ll discuss methods for building security into an MCU, and explain why and how to micro-virtualize your hardware to create a security-by-separation architecture.

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