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    Hi, I just registered Imagination Community, I am interested in MIPSfpga project but

    I got this label: “Your account type does not have access to this download. “,

    what type of account do I need in order to download the material?

    Thanks in advance.


    Robert Owen

    This is an FAQ – sorry for he difficulty. You are not alone.
    It’s a two stage registration for the IUP….

    The fact you can post on here shows that you have registered for the Community. But the error message when you asked for MIPSfpga shows that you have not completed the second stage of the IUP (Imagination University Programme).
    To complete the process:
    *Go to the IUP Landing page:
    – click the “Join IUP” button.
    – It will ask for your Community Registration details, then give you the rest of the IUP Registration.
    Once you have done this, you can go to IUP>Resources and under “Teaching & Training” click “MIPSfpga” and request the packages.
    Good luck!…and thanks.



    Thank you very much, I didn’t know where I had to ask.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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