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    I’ve been working on a project called SIMDe lately, which is an attempt to implement functions from various ISA extensions on platforms they’re not natively available (e.g., SSE on MIPS) using either SIMD intrinsics which are available, or a portable fallback (generally with good hints to help the compiler’s auto-vectorizer).

    Currently I only have access to x86_64/x86 and ARM but I’d like to start working on supporting MSA, as both an implementation for other APIs and a portable implementation of MSA. To that end, I’m wondering if anyone knows of any good options for continuous integration?

    Obviously a MIPS-native solution would be great, but I don’t think the odds on that are very good. I was hoping someone had already done the work necessary to get something working on Travis CI (or some other service); maybe a Docker image with a cross compiler and qemu or something?

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