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    Hi, just a quick note before we get started: This topic is closed to replies. If you have questions or problems downloading any of the tools covered here please search the existing topics or start a new topic with your question.

    Supported Platforms

    Tools are provided for the following platforms:

    • 64 bit Windows (Windows 7 and later)
    • 64 bit Linux
    • 32 bit Linux

    32 bit Windows is no longer supported or provided.

    CentOS and Ubuntu Linux distros are commonly used. YMMV with other distros.

    Codescape MIPS SDK Essentials

    This optimized kit includes a complete GCC toolchain and provides the program compiling, building, and library tools and utilities; everything necessary to develop code for customers’ MIPS-based designs.

    The Codescape MIPS SDK Essentials install can be downloaded from:

    Codescape MIPS SDK Essentials Download.

    Python 2.7

    Codescape Debugger, Codescape for Eclipse, and Codescape Console support scripting capabilities using Python. In order to use this you will need Python installed on your host platform. On Linux you need Python 2.6 or 2.7. On Windows you will need Python 2.7. Do not use python 3.X.

    Python installers can be downloaded from

    Codescape Debugger

    The Codescape Debugger installer can be downloaded using the following links:

    Codescape Debugger offers multi-core, multi-threading and many other features for debugging software running on MIPS SoCs. It is a multi-window environment with easy to use features such as drag and drop between views, built-in make manager, editable memory, real-time RTOS aware debugging and much more. Codescape Debugger offers many ways to customize its regions and views for your particular application.

    Codescape Debugger 64bit Windows Installer
    Codescape Debugger 64bit Linux Installer
    Codescape Debugger 32bit Linux Installer

    Codescape for Eclipse

    Codescape for Eclipse is a complete Integrated Development Environment built on the Eclipse IDE Platform. The Codescape for Eclipse IDE can manage all aspect of development from creating and managing your project, editing source, compiling, and finally debugging on your target using a Bus Blaster Probe. Since Codescape for Eclipse is built on the Eclipse platform there is a rich plugin ecosystem to explore and take advantage of.

    Codescape for Eclipse 64bit Windows Installer
    Codescape for Eclipse 64bit Linux Installer
    Codescape for Eclipse 32bit Linux Installer

    Codescape Console

    Codescape Console is a low-level Python script-based command-line interface. You can take advantage of the built-in command system with context help and command completion to access and control all target features, or you can build custom Python scripts for extensive automated testing and design verification (DV). Codescape Console is installed using the Codescape Debugger or Codescape for Eclipse installers. Insure that the system path includes the directory where the Python scripts are located and invoke “codescapeconsole” from the command shell. Help and further details about the console can be found by opening the Codescape Debugger “Help” menu item or Help viewer.

    MIPS Core HSP

    This component provides the Hardware Support Packages for generic MIPS cores and target platforms. It is a strongly recommended component for using the various debugging tools. If you choose not to install this you will have to craft an HSP from scratch (which, trust me on this, is not the fastest way to get up and running).

    The HSP installer package can be downloaded using the following links:

    MIPS Core HSP 64bit Windows Installer
    MIPS Core HSP 32bit & 64bit Linux Installer

    Next Steps

    Now that you’ve downloaded the various installers you can view the installation guides:

    Windows Installation Guide
    Linux Installation Guide

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