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    Join the IUP
    1. Click ‘Register’ or ’Join IUP’ on the landing page: http://www.imgtec.com/university

    2. Complete the first section: ‘the Community Registration’

    3. Tick the box marked ‘Join Imagination University Programme’ and completes the additional information

    4. A verification email will be sent to your inbox for activation.
    (Please also check your spam mailbox because occasionally the mail will got filtered)
    5. To download teaching materials, visit the IUP page – Teaching Resources https://community.imgtec.com/university/resources/
    Request the package(s) you want, accept the Licence Agreement, and give some details about how you plan to use the materials.

    6. We then receive a request to approve the download, and normally action this within 48 hours.
    Once approved, you will receive an e-mail saying you can now make the download.

    NOTE: Requests may be rejected for the following reasons:
    – the registration details are incomplete
    – there are few or no details of intended use
    – the requester appears to be a commercial company or a competitor

    加入Imagination公司的大学计划(IUP) 和获取教学材料
    1. 点击登录页面上的“Join IUP”或“Register”:www.imgtec.com/university
    2. 完成第一部分:“Community Registration”, 勾选标有“Imagination University Programme”的框并填写补充资料
    3. 验证邮件将发送到您的邮箱进行激活。 (请检查您的垃圾邮件,因为偶尔邮件会被过滤)
    4. 要下载教材,请访问IUP – “Teaching Resources”页面: https://community.imgtec.com/university/resources/ ,请求你想要的教学材料文档,接收受许可协议,然后告诉我们你将计划如何使用这些教材。
    5. 我们这边会收到一个批准下载的请求, 我们正常的话会在48小时内给与审批。一旦被批准,你将会收到一份邮件告诉你现在你可以去下载了。

    – 注册信息不完整。
    – 没有或不足给出对教学材料的计划使用目的。
    – 请求者被发现是一个商业公司或者是一个竞争对手。

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