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    Stuart Neilson

    Evaluation Licences

    The Flexnet Licences dialog will appear when you start Codescape. Click on the ‘Register for a licence’ button to start the wizard and select ‘An evaluation licence for a single PC’ on the Licence Type page. An email will be sent to Codescape Technical Support. They will generate an evaluation licence file and email it back to you. Save this on your PC and enter the path to the licence in the Flexnet Licences dialog.

    Installation path for Flex tools on Windows systems

    When unzipping the Flexlm tools, do not use the default path c:flexlm. The Flex tools do not function correctly in their own default directory. Do not include the name of any vendor daemon installed on your system (including ‘imgtec’) in the path to the Flex tools. The Flex tools will not function if you do. Do not include any spaces in the path.

    Flex fails to install on Linux

    Trying to install Flex on Linux usually fails because there are missing dependencies. An error message gives the names of the dependencies Flex needs. Use a package manager to get the packages required for your installation.

    Installing Flex tools on Linux systems

    You must have root privileges to set this up. The Flex system will not work unless your Ethernet devices are named ‘eth0’ through to ‘eth9’.

    With some Linux distributions the Ethernet devices are named, e.g. em1, em2, wlan1 etc. In this case you will need to rename at least the fixed Ethernet device to ‘eth0’ using the biosdevname program. This is the device you selected for the HostID in the Codescape Customer Registration process.

    Flex Licence Path

    The Flex Licence Path can contain multiple paths to licence servers. Please make sure you do not have any unreachable servers/network paths listed in the Flex Licence Path as this may reduce the responsiveness of Codescape Debugger. We always recommend changing your Flex Licence Path to contain just the one path to your Flex licence.

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