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    Hi there ,
    I am a noob at Linux and have recently purchased a creator ci20 but i’m struggling to unzip a file i have downloaded to my downloads file. I have watched some videos and managed to install the unzip and zip program via the command line but when i try and unzip my file it says it cant find it. What am i doing wrong? Is it due to wrong directory path ?

    Please help



    Hi Matthew,

    The unzip command runs in the current directory.

    When you open the terminal, the default directory is /home/ci20.

    The default download folder using the browser would be something like /home/ci20/Downloads

    To go from /home/ci20 to /home/ci20/Downloads you would need to type

    cd /home/ci20/Downloads

    in the terminal.

    Then the unzip command should work with the files in that folder.

    Hope this helps,



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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