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    Hi all,
    I have a MIPS MALTA-R motherboard and COREFPGA6A and 6B stacked on it.
    The problem is when I power on the board power on is displayed (meaning either the core board is not detected or it’s isn’t recognized by YAMON). However when I stack another tiles, YAMON boots them up, and in the end I see “YAMON217” on the alphanumeric display. Could it be possible that YAMON version no. might be the cause of the problem or the tile 6A might be damaged.

    Some background on the issue:
    Another MIPS Malta R Board with COREFPGA 6A and 6B tiles stacked on it stopped working. Upon checking LED status. I found out.
    YAMON is never up.
    The 8 segment display never gets on. It is controlled by YAMON
    Lite D2 get on when the board gets power 5v and 3.3V and gets off when system enter a standby state as controlled by YAMON. This light never gets off. So probably YAMON is never up.
    No output on Serial by YAMON
    The reset LED D9 (red) is always on.

    I further checked the LED status of FPGA 6A tile.
    D5 was off and D6 was on, showing that RAM of 6A tile might be causing the problem. as about D5 and D6 shows the ram status as follows
    D5 when on(GREEN): shows DDR2 Phy Init Done
    D6 when on(RED): Shows DDR2 Controller error condition

    Upon changing the base board.

    status of FPGA6A tile was Ok.
    D5 (Green) on, and D6(RED) off, meaning RAM is ok in this case.
    The Reset light on Malta-R (D9) also turns off,
    but I see “power on” on alphanumeric display (meaning either the core board is not detected or it’s isn’t recognized by YAMON)

    Can anyone here help me with this issue.




    Fahad: Malta and Yamon are not related to MIPSfpga – those are different projects developed by two independent groups in different divisions of Imagination Technologies. To get quicker response I would personally recommend to post this topic on the main forum ( ) or contact MIPS / Imagination customer support. If you send me an email to , I can forward it to Malta support.

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