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    The Connected MCU Lab is aimed specifically at undergraduates. It’s their first course and takes them from “What is an MCU?” to a connected IoT system in just one semester. It uses the PIC32 MCU from Microchip, which is also the same MIPS processor core that is used in MIPSfpga, promoting synergy with other courses we support such as Computer Architecture and SoC.
    These materials are written by Prof. Alex Dean from North Carolina State University (USA).
    We think it is time to replace those old 8051, and other 8/16-bit Labs. Connectivity is the key in almost every system today and that is driving overwhelming adoption of 32 bit architectures. We believe that teaching with anything less than 32 bits will not equip your students effectively for their careers. There has never been a better time to move to 32 bit!
    This package combines the elegance of the MIPS architecture, with the adaptability of Digilent’s hardware, and the ease of use of Microchip’s programming tools, making it an ideal course for students to begin their microcontroller education.

    Joining this beta-test gives you early access to the materials. For more information, please find the information sheet at
    If you are interested to join, please email:

    ‘The Connected MCU Lab’是一个本科生第一次接触微控制器的入门课程。在短短的一个学期中带他们从“什么是MCU?”到互联的物联网系统。它采用了Microchip的PIC32 微控制器,这也是用于在MIPSfpga的同一个MIPS处理器核心,它可以提高与其他课程协同的作用。这课程是由美国北卡罗来纳州立大学Alex Dean教授编写的。



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