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    I am working with Minimorph Board (htp-221)
    After booting up its looks like ….

    Wi-Fi Setup

    After enter all details when i press Cont. Button .. board reboots..

    what can be the reason behind this …

    Plz help …

    Second thing..

    when i do screen /dev/ttyACM0 and try to test WiFi module using

    # /etc/bin/

    board reboots



    It worked … i am able to connect WiFi …..
    and i downloaded

    Minimmorph Flow Firmware
    Minimorph Invadres Firmware.

    Now lets see what happens..??

    🙂 Thanks



    Did you get the problem solved?




    Glad you are up and running.

    Did you find the reason for the reset? I would be interested.




    hi seanr/bob

    i didnt feel any kind of diffrences after downloading the firmwares.

    board behavior is unpredictable. .
    sometimes its rebooting.. and sometimes workings.

    so I just started to go through meta architecture …

    I got some great information from TRM.

    but still I am looking for much more details about Architecture.

    I will share if I come across regarding board bootup problem which I mentioned above.

    Thanks a lot … 🙂



    At what point is it rebooting? Are you using an external mains connected power supply or the USB cable to power the board?

    I’m looking to shortly get the documents sent that you mention in your other post.


    while strating kernel….

    I m using ubs for power supply… 🙂



    Saurabh this sounds like your USB connection can’t supply enough power for the board. The board uses more power when it connects to WiFi (which happens at the end of the kernel load process).

    Can you try connecting your USB cable to a powered hub?



    I don’t know this is rite place or not ? I am using MALTA-MTI Board running on mips InteraAptive core, I am trying to enable EIC mode but I could see some issues. Is their any way to enable EIC mode in Linux 3.8?



    Neerajtechus, sorry but this is a Meta processor forum. I am trying to progress your question inside your original posting. Apologies for the delay.




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