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    Hello! I am too lazy to pay $50 for a Bus Bluster and then wait it from the post service. So I have connected the FTDI chip-based USB board (simple analog can be founded for $10) and successfully use it as a debugger. I have also tuned the open source Visual Studio Code as a GUI for gdb debug session.
    This is the example screenshot of the result.
    All settings are described in the published on github manual: https://github.com/zhelnio/memos/tree/master/public/00_mips_ftdi_debug



    Hello! I have successfully checked the EJTAG debug with this FTDI-chip based module from Aliexpress (price $15) without any software configuration changes.
    There are some details that you should to take into consideration when working with it:
    1. The reset circuit elements (and the reset button) are not present;
    2. The chip reset input is not pulled-up. One can reset the chip when just measuring voltage level on this input;
    3. The bus names marking on the board is incorrect.







    Nice work! Debugging this and getting it working is a big job itself. But documenting it so well is truly amazing work indeed.

    Just a minor point.
    Could you please update your pdf on github with the exact link to the aliexpress part you purchased and managed to get working. Sometimes there can be subtle differences in modules based around the same chip depending on the vendor on aliexpress. This would potentially help a person not as keen as yourself on debugging a subtly different module.




    Hello, ZubairLK
    Thanks for your kind words! I have added some information about how to choose the debug module (with link to Aliexpress store)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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