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    Hi All,
    I would like to learn about the design of C to MIPS compiler. I have downloaded the source from

    I checked the doc folder within gcc. I am wondering whether there are any extensive documentation on the code so that it will be easier to understand.




    Great to hear you are taking a look at this. You will have a steep learning curve if this is your first venture into a compiler so a suggestion is to focus on a few smaller details and expand from there.

    The MIPS compiler is built on the open source GCC framework and as such the vast majority of the process of compiling code is not MIPS specific. The best starting point for this is the GCC project website and for information on the internals of GCC:

    The GCC project has both a general user help mailing list and a developer mailing list which would be a good place to post any more specific questions you have. There will be MIPS developers on those lists if there is something specific about MIPS you need some pointers about. That said, in general the source of GNU projects is intended to be self-documenting and following through various passes in the compiler should be possible.

    If you have questions about the code which we have in our Codescape GCC toolchain release that is not already in the repository hosted by then feel free to ask here.





    Hello Sean,
    Thanks a lot for your kind reply. I am currently looking into the Internals of GCC.

    I understand that the GCC code which is present within the Codescape Tool chain folder is the same open source code which is available out.

    I have a small question. From the link (] I see that GCC supports MIPS 3,5 and 6. From the installation instructions for Codescape tool, I see that it supports MIPS 2 – 5(Recent addition release 6).

    So, Is the support for MIPS release 2,4 still available (from codescape perspective). Can you also point me to the Makefile of Codescape tool.

    I am not sure whether I got things mixed up. Kindly clarify.
    Thanks for your time.




    Hi Vignesh,

    Support is not directly available through Imagination for release 2. You can still try to ask questions, see release 4 was short lived and not a widely used release so you shouldn’t need support for it.


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