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    Hi all,

    I open this topic so we can share information about development on the Actions ATJ2259 SoC.


    I'm looking to run Linux on a device that uses the Actions ATJ2259, I manage to connect to the SoC UART pins and I'm looking forward to boot the device from a SD card.

    I was hoping that with some button(s) pressed during power on I could enable boot from the SD card, but the serial output show same boot path when different key combinations are used.
    Not having a programmer manual for the ATJ2259 makes it difficult to progress, hope we can share our findings on this SoC.


    BTW: The device I have is similar to this one:…..38;t=20957
    Only difference is the board number.



    wo Ding!


    Hi Jomuz,
    I’m working on ATJ2259 mounted on a multimedia player board. I didn’t find any more technical info on internet except something that seems like a datasheet, but it isn’t a completely one. Please, can you help me sharing info you got about this MPU?
    I’m trying to syncronize several players and I’d like to do that using the same vsync signal coming from processor,
    but setting up linux on it is a very cool way as well.
    Any suggestion would be apreciated.




    Are you firmly fixed on using this specific SoC? As you suggest there is not much material available. Maybe a dev board may be a good way to start your development, there are many available.

    I’ve not specifically looked into syncing in this way but are you sure vsync is going to be the right way? I suggest a software based approach may be more stable, this is the most common methodology to achieve this.

    I wish you success in your project.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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