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    Robert Owen

    These are FAQs:
    (1) All our teaching materials are created by leading Academics who are funded by Imagination. The materials are Imagination copyright, and some contain valuable IP (Intellectual Property) like MIPSfpga Getting Started Guide (English version) contains the original un-obfuscated microAptiv IP core.
    In short, these materials are valuable and represent a major investment by Imagination.
    Please remember that access to these materials is a privilege not a right!

    We are very happy to share our materials with Students, for projects and self-study. You do not have to be a teacher to access these materials.
    However, you MUST be open and honest about who you are, where you are, and give us your full contact details.
    You must also tell us why you want the materials, and what you plan to do with them. We have had recent examples of requests for several sets of materials at the same time, with few details as to the intended use, and with incomplete registration details.

    GUIDELINES: to ensure your request is approved, follow these steps:
    (1) Ensure your registration details are complete, including your name, your University + personal e-mail addresses, and a telephone number. The university e-mail is a clear sign of your affiliation, so please include it.
    (2) Please request only the materials you will use. Don’t ask for everything.
    (3) Include an honest statement of intended use, including: What will you do with the materials? Will you publish the results? Will you share the results? What tools will you use? You can add other details here, such as the name of your advising professor and/or a weblink to your work.

    Every request is looked at (none are automatic) and most are approved for download in less than 48 hours.

    (2) The microAptiv core in MIPSfpga is a standard configuration, fully verified, and runs the full MIPS32r3 instruction set.

    Thank you for your passionate interest in Imagination and MIPS!

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