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    dilip shirke

    Hi Creator Team,

    I want to boot ci20 board over TFTP. I have configured my host machine with required NFS server configurations and Kernel uImage is also placed at required tftpboot location. But it takes more than 15min time to boot.

    It becomes very hectic to wait for board to up after reboot.

    How we can make it fastboot using tftp only?




    Hi Dilip,

    Welcome to the forum.

    tftpboot happens very quickly whenever I have used it over ethernet.

    Could you please share the exact steps you do?
    And perhaps share the bootlog via pastebin.com.



    dilip shirke

    Hi Zubair,

    Yes sure

    1. Build the root file system and placed at redefined location like /home/dilip/ci20/root_fs
    2. Build the Kernel Image named as uImage kept at tftpboot folder –
    Detailed steps –
    A. Set environment –
    $ export PATH=/usr/local/mips-mti-linux-gnu/2015.06-05/bin:$PATH
    $ export ARCH=mips
    $ export CROSS_COMPILE=mips-mti-linux-gnu-

    B. make ci20_defconfig
    C. make -j 8 uImage modules
    D. cp arch/mips/boot/uImage /var/lib/tftpboot
    E. make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/home/dilip/ci20/root_fs modules_install

    3. Set Boot Parameter
    A. Check existing environment – ci20# printenv
    B. Set Boot Environment –
    ci20# setenv bootargs ‘ttyS4,115200 console=tty0 mem=256M@0x0 mem=768M@0x30000000 root=/dev/nfs ip=dhcp devtmpfs.mount=1 rw cma=144M’
    ci20# setenv bootcmd ‘setenv bootargs ${bootargs} nfsroot=${nfs_serverip}:${nfs_rootfs}; dhcp 0x88000000 ${nfs_serverip}:uImage; bootm 0x88000000’
    ci20# setenv nfs_serverip x.x.x.x
    ci20# setenv nfs_rootfs /home/dilip/ci20/root_fs
    ci20# saveenv

    Note : IP address is not shared. So written as x.x.x.x

    4. Boot the board

    Above steps works perfectly but takes 15min+ time to boot. How we can reduce that time to minimum.




    Hi Dilip,

    Those steps do look sound.

    Do you happen to have a serial connection to the board and then look at the log to try to identify where the slowdown happens.

    In my experience,
    e.g. uboot should appear very quickly.
    And tftp kernel should happen quickly as well.
    Kernel boot should happen ok as well.
    All of the above should take less than 2 minutes.

    Initializing a rootfs can take some time and depends on how many services are being initialized and how fast the link is. 10/100 Mbps etc.

    What rootfs are you trying to load?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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