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    If the board has booted successfully, then it will display one green LED (Power) and two alternately flashing orange LEDs.

    It can take up to 53seconds for the board to boot.

    If you’ve waited for a minute or so and nothing seems to be happening, check these:


    Check the power supply. The board needs a 5V supply either via the DC in socket or USB. If the power is correct for the board, the ‘Power on’ LED will be lit up in green.

    Double check all your switch and jumper settings

    It is easy to get these wrong. In particular, check the debug/halt switch (SW4) and boot source jumpers (CN34, 33 and 27). SW4 should be set to the ‘boot’ position. The boot source jumpers need to be set to match your boot source, which is normally ‘Atmel’ flash (001).

    Check USB cable

    The USB port is USB OTG A/B compatible. If you insert a type A connector, the board will operate in host mode. This may cause boot problems depending on the boot selection jumpers. For most uses, the USB cable should have a type B connector.

    Bad image

    If there is an SD card in the slot and this contains a file called ‘vmlinux.ub’, then U-Boot (from the SPI flash) will try to load that image. If the image isn’t correct for the board, then it won’t boot.

    Try a ‘known good’ image

    There is a U-Boot-compatible image supplied with the SDK, called ‘flow.ub’. Rename this to vmlinux.ub, copy to an SD card and try booting from that. If that works, then you know that the boot issues are to do with the image you tried previously.

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