What to do if your Minimorph doesn’t appear as a device on your Linux host

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    When connected to your Linux host PC via a USB cable, your Minimorph should appear as /dev/ttyACM0.

    If it doesn’t try checking the cable, the USB device notes and restarting the cdc module on your host.

    Wrong cable

    The Minimorph has a USB OTG-compliant port. You must use a cable with a Mini B connector (as supplied with the Minimorph).

    USB device nodes not accessible

    The host system must be able to access the USB device nodes created for the Minimorph.

    A udev file suitable for adding the device nodes is supplied with the SDK.

    Copy 61-imgtec-slaveboot.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/.

    Make sure this file is readable by all users, and then reconnect or reset the board for it to take effect. As an alternative to setting up this udev rule you could manually chmod a+rw the appropriate USB device node (the tool will output its name if opening fails).

    cdc_acm needs restarting

    Restart the cdc_acm module on your host system:

    # sudo /sbin/modprobe –r cdc_acm
    # sudo /sbin/modprobe cdc_acm

    cdc modules absent

    If you have rebuilt your Minimorph’s kernel and filesystem , you need to copy the g_cdc.ko cdc module into your filesystem before rebuilding the kernel.

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