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    Hi ZubairLK,

    Thanks for the help. When I ran memtester from the normal setup, I could never seem to get it past either the Stuck Address test or the Random Value Test without it freezing up, but no error was reported.

    When I ran the buildroot version, it ran much better, getting all the way to Checkerboard before showing some errors:

    Checkerboard: setting 36 FAILURE: 0xaaaaaaaa != 0x55555555 at offset 0x15af4cfc.
    FAILURE: 0x55555555 != 0xaaaaaaaa at offset 15af4d00.
    Bit Spread: testing 4 FAILURE: 0xffffffaf != 0x00000050 at offset 0x07722c80.
    FAILURE: 0x00000050 != 0xffffffaf at offset 0x07722c84.
    Bit Flip: setting 48

    At this point the CI20 froze up.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)