CTI Renato Archer

The Center for Information Technology ‘Renato Archer’ (CTI), is a federal R&D (Research and Development) center of the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) focused on scientific and technological subjects related to Information Technology. Since 1982 CTI has contributed to develop Information Technologies in the academical and industrial sectors, to hold advanced technologies in many key segments, including components, systems, software and their applications. In this period CTI has held several partnerships with companies, R&D institutions and universities, focusing on technology development and transfer. CTI also has a program which houses technological and scientific trainees and researchers funded by research agencies and by the institution itself.

CTI is located in the city of Campinas in the state of São Paulo. CTI has expertise in qualification of products and processes of information technology, engineering and products prototyping. With about 230 researchers, more than 100 partners, and 12 laboratories, the CTI has a highly specialized research infrastructure. CTI infrastructure has also been used for specialized training of human resources (HR) through short courses, lectures and workshops. CTI houses one university the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology named IFSP (http://cmp.ifsp.edu.br/portal/).