Loongson Technology

In China, the Loongson University Program is a vital partner. They are the organisers of the Loongson Cup, a national computer architecture contest, and have worked hard to improve the understanding of computer systems amongst the next generation of Chinese Engineers. The Loongson University Program, previously known as “Godson CPU University Open-Source Program”, has commissioned two CPU cores, the GS132 and GS232, for use by academics in China. This announcement was made during the 2016 China Computer Conference, organised by the Computer and Engineering Teaching Steering Committee, and the China Computer Society Education Committee, of the Ministry of Education China. Loongson University Program has created several teaching platforms, including ‘CPU Labs’, ‘Systems Control Labs’, and ‘Parallel Processing Labs’, comprising of both teaching materials and hardware platforms. These materials help teachers to design stimulating courses for students, based on well-known Chinese CPUs. For more information, visit: https://www.loongson.cn/lup/