MIPSfpga SoC

MIPSfpga SoC Documentation consists of 3 parts:

Starter Tutorial.

High-level walk-through of various features.

Part 1 (RTL focused)

5 tutorials in separate documents + solution projects + bare metal code. These sequentially build up the SOC design

  • 01_LED
  • 02_UART
  • 03_Custom_GPIO
  • 04_IIC_TempSensor
  • 05_INTController_Ethernet_DDR


Part 2 (Linux focused)

5 tutorials that sequentially build up the Linux side after Part 1

  • 01_LinuxKernelInitial
  • 02_Buildroot
  • 03_IntController
  • 04_IIC_Ethernet
  • 05_CustomGPIO

Appendix with some rough notes

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