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    john lam

    Hi Zubair,

    I am currently running Debian GNU/Linux 8.

    I also have these pulseaudio packages installed:
    pulseaudio/stable,now 5.0-13 mipsel [installed]
    pulseaudio-module-bluetooth/stable,now 5.0-13 mipsel [installed]
    pulseaudio-module-x11/stable,now 5.0-13 mipsel [installed,automatic]
    pulseaudio-utils/stable,now 5.0-13 mipsel [installed,automatic]

    and some bluez ones installed:
    blueman/stable,stable,now 1.99~alpha1-1+deb8u1 mipsel [installed]
    bluez/stable,now 5.23-2+b1 mipsel [installed]
    bluez-obexd/stable,now 5.23-2+b1 mipsel [installed,automatic]


    john lam

    So I try to connect via command line to see what sort of error message I get and here is the output when using gatttool

    /etc/pulse$ gatttool -b BC:66:41:E0:24:A8 -i hci0 -I
    [BC:66:41:E0:24:A8][LE]> connect
    Attempting to connect to BC:66:41:E0:24:A8
    Error: connect error: Transport endpoint is not connected (134)
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)