The MIPS Open Initiative Will Help Accelerate Innovation at the Edge

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MIPS Open™

The MIPS Open initiative will make an open source version of the MIPS 32 and 64-bit Instruction Set Architectures (ISA) freely available to developers, partners and customers with the goal of inspiring novel approaches to system on chip (SoC) designs. Opening the MIPS ISA and expanding its surrounding ecosystem will turbo-charge advancement of the MIPS architecture by leveraging the power of the community to modernize and deliver high-performance, multithreaded, MIPS-based solutions. The resulting solutions can be embedded in a broad set of edge applications such as home automation systems, IoT devices and FuSA enabled autonomous vehicles.

The MIPS ISA represents 35-years of established and robust innovation in silicon-proven RISC core. To date, over 8.5B MIPS-based chips have shipped with a current run rate of over a billion a year. Additional details regarding the MIPS Open initiative and community will be shared in Q1 2019.

  Community Components

Once the MIPS Open Community is launched, registered members will have access to the following IP and technology resources:

  • The open source version of the 32 and 64-bit MIPS Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), Release 6
  • MIPS SIMD Extensions
  • MIPS DSP Extensions
  • MIPS Multi-Threading (MT)
  • microMIPS Architecture
  • MIPS Virtualization (VZ)


MIPS Open™ Advisory Board

The MIPS Open Advisory Board is comprised of OEMs, partners, universities and technology luminaries, dedicated to moderating the governance, license and working group models within the MIPS Open Community. The Advisory Board has been initially established as a Member Committee within the prpl Foundation, an open source, collaborative non-profit organization that establishes open standards to enable the security and interoperability of embedded devices. Membership in the MIPS Open Advisory Committee is open to individuals and companies alike and will be based on active involvement with the prpl Foundation. Developers, partners and companies interested in becoming part of the MIPS Open Advisory Board can contact for more information.



What IP and technology will MIPS Open include?

MIPS Open will include the following IP and technology architectures:

  • The open source version of the 32 and 64-bit MIPS Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), Release 6
  • MIPS SIMD Extensions
  • MIPS DSP Extensions
  • MIPS Multi-Threading (MT)
  • microMIPS Architecture
  • MIPS Virtualization (VZ)

Once launched, the MIPS Open community will be available at

I am a registered MIPS Academic Community developer. Can I take advantage of MIPS Open?

Absolutely. The MIPS Open community is available to anyone interested in helping further the innovation and capabilities of the MIPS architecture.

What happens if I’m using an earlier version (i.e. R5 or lower) of the MIPS ISA?

MIPS Open focuses on promoting and proliferating the latest version of the MIPS ISA, Release 6. If existing customers using earlier MIPS ISA versions would like to take advantage of the latest MIPS architecture advancements, they may do so under the MIPS Open license. However, earlier MIPS customers and other MIPS Open licensees must follow the terms and conditions of the MIPS Open license and cannot “mix” their licenses or earlier-licensed deliverables with the MIPS Open license.

If our company builds a MIPS Open implementation, is it required to release its source code for the MIPS core?

No, the company can develop and maintain proprietary source code for any core it developed using the MIPS Open architectures.

Will you have a verification partners program when you make the MIPS ISA available?

Yes. Partners interested in joining the MIPS Open program and becoming a certified MIPS Open verification partner have an opportunity to market and sell their services to MIPS Open licensees. We will share more details on this in Q1 2019.

I am an existing MIPS licensee. How does the MIPS Open initiative benefit me?

The MIPS Open initiative will benefit existing MIPS commercial licensees in a few different ways:

  • The MIPS Open community will help provide a stronger and more complete ecosystem of development tools and third-party IP solutions to accelerate a richer set of MIPS-based SoC designs.
  • MIPS Open will help Wave Computing deliver on its planned roadmap to provide a faster path to AI-IP-based SoC solutions with a full suite of AI-based third-party software offerings.
  • MIPS Open will further the proliferation of MIPS-based solutions across the spectrum of IoT to edge devices and enable a wide community innovation to drive software application growth for the MIPS ecosystem.
What are the benefits if I am a new MIPS Open licensee?

In addition to the above, new licensees who join MIPS Open benefit from -

  • Access to the first SoC platform to enable a non-disruptive migration path to AI at the edge.
  • Access to the most recent RISC architecture release available in the market today, which is backed by 35-years of established and robust technology innovation.
  • Reduce risk and increase investment protection by using an established platform that also helps customers future-proof designs for AI.
  • Documented and proven ISA with an established partners ecosystem
I am a MIPS ecosystem partner. How does MIPS Open benefit me?

MIPS Open will benefit ecosystem partners by:

  • Furthering the stability and proliferation of the MIPS architecture
  • Significantly increasing the number of business opportunities with large numbers of MIPS Open licensees
  • Creating a host of licensing revenue generating opportunities from large SoC volumes
  • Accelerating a path to offer AI-enabled solutions while maintaining backwards compatibility with existing MIPS offerings.

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