MIPS offers verified instruction accurate simulators modelling MIPS cores, including the latest Warrior series. These simulators are ideal for software development and checking compliance with the MIPS instruction set. All simulators are offered as components of Codescape MIPS SDK. IASim IASim is an instruction accurate software simulator that can simulate individual cores and platforms containing … Read more

EJTAG Debug Tools

EJTAG Debug Tools Navigator Probes MIPS Navigator™ probes support all of the latest MIPS® cores and licensee processors in the MIPS32® family Navigator Probe technical information Installation and starting up the MIPS Navigator probes Navigator Console Getting Started Guide EJTAG connector interface, reset recommendations, and electrical characteristics (very important to insure correct probe operation in … Read more

MIPS Froyo R10 Release Notes

MIPS Froyo R10 Release Notes Project Bionic/ commit 13440d36733eea5e4587979e69a128d19f1c3ffe Merge: 81d24ec cd55d6b Author: Raghu Gandham Date: Thu Mar 1 16:54:21 2012 -0800 Merge [MIPS] Generate generic syscall stub, into wip-mips-ics-mr1 commit 81d24ec80c82b0e58d891a9836ce48bc2b01abe6 Author: Raghu Gandham Date: Tue Feb 28 18:05:09 2012 -0800 [MIPS] Fix for pt_regs structure. This fix is generated by running which … Read more

MIPS Android ICS 4.0.4 Release Notes

MIPS Android ICS 4.0.4 Release Notes Known Issues Project Bionic Project Build/ Project cts/ Project Dalvik/ Project external/elfutils/ Project external/qemu/ Project external/skia/ Project ndk/ Project system/media/ Known Issues No new regressions from release 4 A property should be added to allow Dalvik to run in an LXC environment. This change did not make it to … Read more

MIPS Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Release Notes

MIPS Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Release Notes MIPS Issues which were fixed in this release CTS test case android.os.cts.StatFsTest#testStatFs fails for both MIPS32 ISA and mips32r2 ISA CTS test case android.renderscript.cts.ScriptGroupTest#testScriptGroupTorture fails for both MIPS32 ISA and mips32r2 ISA CTS test case fails for mips32r2 ISA Non-MIPS Issues which were fixed in this release … Read more

Mentor Graphics

Mentor Embedded – Most electronic products today are a synthesis of hardware design and embedded software, and the embedded software is the main  differentiator for product functionality and performance. As a result, embedded  software has increased dramatically in electronic systems design. Mentor  Graphics is the only EDA company to offer vendor-independent embedded and open  source … Read more

MIPI Alliance

The MIPI Alliance is a non-profit corporation that operates as an open membership organization. All companies in the mobile device industry are encouraged to join, including semiconductor companies, software vendors, IP providers, peripheral manufacturers, test labs and end product OEMs. Today, nearly 200 member companies actively participate in the Alliance, developing interface specifications which drive consistency … Read more


Our Partners Silex Inside Silex Inside provides Embedded Security solutions (Hardware Root of trust), cryptography IP (AES, Public key, TRNG…), Audio/Video over IP solutions and ultra-compact Video Compression IP Read More » Trenz Electronic Trenz Electronic GmbH operates as a provider of development services in the electronics industry since 1992. Our service includes design-in support … Read more

Imagination reveals first MIPS ‘Warrior P-class’ CPU core

London, UK – 14 October, 2013 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L), a leading multimedia, processor, communications and cloud technologies company, announces the first MIPS Series5 ‘Warrior P-class’ CPU, representing a major step forward in feature set for high-performance MIPS CPU IP cores. The new MIPS P5600 core delivers industry-leading 32-bit performance together with class-leading low power … Read more