Arphic Technologies Co., Ltd.

Arphic is one of the leading foundries in the world for typeface design and font technology. Over the past 25 years, we have devoted ourselves to the development of font related technology and the design of multiscript typefaces. We provide a total font solution for enterprises and individual users, delivering embedded fonts, custom fonts, web fonts, always aiming for the optimum user experience.

iFont embedding font solution
1. Mobile Font- Providing embedding fonts with small data volume, high quality and high performance.
2. Infinity Font- A font solution rendering best responsive fonts according to environmental variables in real time.
3. Layout Engine- A program solving layout problems of complex scripts such as Indic and Middle East scripts.

Cloud Font |
Our iFontCloud platform provides web fonts and subscription fonts for use on Windows and Mac OS, enabling easy set up and maintenance of websites. Our flexible licensing model covers all types of commercial usage.
Case Studies: Subscription fonts used in the visual identity of Taiwan presidential candidate Tsai’s election campaign. Web Font used by Taiwan media brands Eslite Living and AVer Media.